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Interactive Webinars

Want a facilitated session for faculty at your college but don’t have a lot of time or resources? No problem! Contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting a 1-1.5hr interactive webinar for your group’s needs. InciteChange! webinars are another informative and interactive way to explore these important topics. Check out some topics below or customize your own!


Self Awareness

The key to being an inclusive educator is to first focus on honest self-reflection and self-awareness. Through presenting information, facilitating meaningful interaction, and encouraging critical self-reflection, we will explore society’s influence on our self understanding and recognition of power and privilege. These sessions are scaffolded to establish supportive, non-confrontational environments conducive to this level of engagement.

Potential Topics
  • Exploring Society’s Influence on Your Self Understanding
  • Acknowledging and Unlearning Implicit Bias
  • Recognizing Power and Privilege
  • Using Theatre of the Oppressed Pedagogies to Explore Identity, Power, and Liberation

Strategies for Inclusive Teaching

The ubiquitous goal in education is to create a domain where students can reach their full potential. Unfortunately, when working with classrooms where students come for innumerable backgrounds, creating an inclusive environment becomes increasingly difficult. We will work with your group to develop personalized strategies for creating an environment that allows your expertise to harmoniously reach your students.

Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom

In an age where political opinions are increasingly polarized, conversations in the classroom can quickly turn from beneficial to damaging. We will help your faculty members build conversational and dialogic strategizes to ensure that conversations in the classroom encourage growth, understanding, and learning.

Challenging Microagressions and Other Dominant Narratives

Microaggressions and other dominant narratives are often difficult to identify and yet contribute to the exclusion of marginalized students in our classrooms. We’ll help you identify these dominant narratives in interpersonal relationships, course materials and classroom policies, and together develop techniques to combat them.

Fostering Student Teamwork

While having a diverse student body and a diverse classroom can create an important plurality of ideas, ensuring a positive result is not always a natural outgrowth of working in diverse teams. As with many environments, in classrooms students migrate to those with which they share similarities. We will help you develop strategies that will foster student teamwork across identities and promote the free flow of ideas.

Campus Climate Analysis and Change

Searching for a way to leverage your perspectives and experience as faculty to contribute positively to the campus climate? In this session, we will go into detail analyzing the campus climate across several variables and collaboratively explore strategies for change.