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Interactive Webinars

Want a facilitated session for your organization but don’t have a lot of time or resources? No problem! Contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting a 1-1.5hr webinar for your group’s needs. InciteChange! webinars are another informative and interactive way to explore these important topics. Check out some topics below or customize your own!

Self Awareness

A session that is engaging and fun, while also challenging and deep. Your time with us is interactive! We aim to create a comfortable environment that encourages introspection. It’s easy to feel like you’re “performing” amongst a group of colleagues so we work to normalize our own not-so-perfect experiences. This environment allows us to explore more fully the nuances of implicit bias, the impact of socialization, and other self-reflective topics.

Potential Topics
  • Exploring Society’s Influence on Your Self Understanding
  • Acknowledging and Unlearning Implicit Bias
  • Recognizing Power and Privilege
  • Using Theatre of the Oppressed Pedagogies to Explore Identity, Power, and Liberation

Skill Building

Growth isn’t always easy and often happens during uncomfortable situations. Our goal is to create a low-pressure environment to provide you with strategies on how to manage uncomfortable situations, like interrupting incidents of bias and bystander intervention, and how to raise concerns. We’ll teach you how to identify biased language and microaggressions. We will do all this as a team; it’s a dialogue, not a lecture.

Potential Topics
  • Being an Agent of Social Change
  • Active Bystander Intervention Techniques
  • Facilitation Skill Development

Organizational Leadership

We approach Organizational Development from a Social Justice Lens, exploring the impact of organizational culture and practices on various stakeholders, including staff and clients. Sessions can explore a range of organizational elements such as interpersonal culture-shaping dynamics and structural elements such as policies and procedures.

Potential Topics
  • Approaching Organizational Development from a Social Justice Lens
  • Developing Inclusive Programming based on Principles of Universal Design