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Online Courses


Our online continuing education courses allow you to take part in three highly interactive and informative course offerings. Each course is comprised of six classes conducted through two-hour live web-based sessions, can be experienced from the comfort of your home or office, and offers a very affordable professional development alternative! With a small cohort of up to 15 people, building relationships happens naturally and course material is engaging, reflective, and personalized. Enroll in one course, or complete the whole sequence to obtain a Certificate of Completion. It’s a great learning experience and also looks great on your resume!


Primary Course Sequence

Take all three to receive a Certificate of Completion, or just enroll in one! While we acknowledge a wide range of experiences and understandings on the topics below, we request that those interested in obtaining a Certificate of Completion enroll in the sequence in full. Approaches to social justice concepts can vary widely in the field and InciteChange! wants to work with you to gain a shared foundation with fellow practitioners on the topics below. Of course we’re always open to questions- please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


What Do They Cost?

Each individual course is $400 for enrollment. Or – register for the full Certificate Program (three primary courses) for $1000.
After completing the Certificate Program, apply for the Advanced Fellowship Program to receive four individual coaching sessions and become certified as a facilitator for $500.
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Course 1
Understanding Identity: its Influence on Facilitation and Interpersonal Dynamics

A facilitated conversation about the field of social justice education, its core principles and the essential role of self-reflection and intrapersonal understanding on matters of identity, socialization, and power/privilege.

Course 2
Facilitating Through Interpersonal Conflict for Social Change

Designed to expose participants to the impact of social identity/socialization and power/privilege through the lens of interpersonal conflict. In this course, you will develop an understanding of the principles of implicit bias, LARA (Listen, Affirm, Respond, Add Information) communication methods, and other conflict resolution strategies.

Course 3
Facilitating Social Justice Workshops & Groups

As the capstone experience, you will synthesize and apply the concepts introduced in courses #1 and #2, will be exposed to strategies for developing curriculum and workshop sequences, and will learn how to facilitate multipart discussions. Culminating your experience, you will be asked to design a social justice workshop that demonstrates program concepts in practice and will receive feedback from other course participants and instructors.

Certificate in Facilitation
Advanced Fellowship Program: Leading to an InciteChange! Facilitator Certification

The Advanced Fellowship Program builds upon the initial Certificate Program (prerequisite), providing you with an immersive and personalized experience. Greater emphasis will be provided on building advanced facilitation skills, recognizing and integrating learning outcomes and on-site assessment strategies. You will participate in four 1:1 coaching calls with InciteChange! instructors, serving to strengthen your skills and to provide feedback where necessary. (You will be required to facilitate at least one workshop at your home institution or community and assess the experience through coaching and written reflection). Additionally, those enrolled receive access to an online community of practitioners. Note: Admission into this Advanced Fellowship Program is contingent upon an accepted application, and post-participation certification relies also on the discretion of the instructor based on performance. The process is transparent. If the instructors find you’re struggling with the course, a discussion between the student and instructor will be had to determine the best course of action. We don’t anticipate that many will encounter this challenge, but retain the right to withhold certification in extreme circumstances.


Questions? Contact us for more about courses, the Certificate Program, or the Advanced Fellowship Program. Course 1's first session begins Fall 2017.

$ 400
Individual Courses

6 Two-Hour Sessions Live Web-Based Experience 15-Person Cohort

$ 1,000
Certificate Program

All 3 Courses Certificate of Completion $200 Savings

$ 500
Advanced Fellowship Program

Prerequisite: 3 Primary Courses 4 Individual Coaching Sessions IC! Facilitator Certification