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Workshops & Retreats

Interested in organizing a workshop or retreat specifically geared towards students or staff members? Contact us to discuss planning a session for your group! Let’s work together to customize a half-day or multi-day session that’s built around your needs. We believe that the most successful and engaging workshops/retreats are unique- for us, no two programs are ever the same! Our sessions provide an opportunity to individual and collective growth, and serve as a catalyst for ongoing conversation and skill-development. As a partner, we will continue to support your needs before and beyond our time on campus. Consider adding on an interactive webinar to advance your staff’s professional development opportunities. Check out some of our commonly requested topics below, or customize your own!

Self Awareness

Say goodbye to sleepy staff trainings that seem to almost slow down time itself. We want to change your idea of what a staff training can be. We will create a low-pressure environment, involving both interactive and informative elements. We encourage self reflection, dialogic engagement, and a growth mindset. In a non-confrontational environment, we will explore society’s influence on our self-understanding and recognition of power and privilege. If interested, we can integrate Theater of the Oppressed pedagogies to explore identity, power, and liberation.

Potential Topics

  • Exploring Society’s Influence on Your Self Understanding
  • Acknowledging and Unlearning Implicit Bias
  • Recognizing Power and Privilege
  • Using Theatre of the Oppressed Pedagogies to Explore Identity, Power, and Liberation

Skill Building

When you see instances of injustice, is your interest to intervene stifled by a lack of strategy? We will work to identify what being an agent of social change means to you, how it can be applied to your organization, and steps you can take to reach your goals. At InciteChange! we love facilitation! In our skill building workshops you can also learn how to train and support peer facilitators as an integral part of being an agent of social change.

Potential Topics

  • Being an Agent of Social Change (for staff or students)
  • Training and Supporting Peer Facilitators (for staff)
  • Facilitation Skill Development (for staff or students)
  • Creating Inclusive Student Organizations (for students)

Organizational Leadership

We approach Organizational Development from a Social Justice Lens. Organizational culture and practices can have a great effect on how students and staff experience the department, program, or unit. Sessions can explore a range of organizational elements such as interpersonal culture-shaping dynamics and structural elements such as policies and procedures.

Potential Topics

  • Approaching Organizational Development from a Social Justice Lens
  • Developing Inclusive Programming based on Principles of Universal Design