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Interactive Webinars

Want a facilitated session for your group but don’t have a lot of time or resources? No problem! Contact us to discuss the possibility of hosting a 1-1.5hr webinar for your group’s needs. InciteChange! webinars are another informative and interactive way to explore these important topics. Check out some topics below or customize your own!

Self Awareness

With interactive and captivating activities, we’ll push your group to have fun while participating in challenging and deep conversations. We can help your organization with implicit bias training, self reflection and sharing, techniques and methods to make your student organization more inclusive, and more. We aim to create a comfortable environment that encourages introspection. It’s easy to feel like you’re performing in a group of your peers, so we work to normalize our own not-so-perfect experiences.

Things we like:

  • Self reflection
  • Feedback and observations
  • Story sharing
  • Small group and whole group discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Action steps
  • Implicit bias training
  • Having fun and making time to laugh!

Things we don’t like:

  • Stuffy rooms and boring speakers
  • Generalized material
  • Uncomfortable environments
  • Calling people out for “making mistakes”

Skill Building

Growth isn’t always easy and often happens during uncomfortable situations. Our goal is to create a relaxed environment to teach you how to deal with uncomfortable situations, like interrupting incidents of bias and how to be an active bystander (through bystander intervention), and how to raise concerns. We’ll teach you how to identify biased language and microaggressions. We will do all this as a team; it’s a dialogue, not a lecture.

Peer Facilitation

We’ll teach you how to be an engaging peer facilitator and continue the conversation after we leave. This valuable skill will help you lead important opportunities in your student organization, in groups you lead, and on your campus at large. Our curriculum includes strategies you can use to address uncomfortable situations as they arise in these settings.

Creating Inclusive Student Orgs
Does your organization unknowingly advantage certain members while inhibiting others? While it’s certainly often not intentional, this is not uncommon thing. We’ll work together to identify potential areas of bias and strategize short and long term actions you can take to make organization more inclusive.

Campus Climate

Hoping to make your entire campus more inclusive? We’ll work with your student organization to dissect campus climate, identify areas where things could be more inclusive, and brainstorm ways that students can take action to improve the climate for all. We will explore self awareness, the role of social identity, and strategies for inclusion – and apply the conversation to shifting the climate of the institution as a whole.

Interested in launching a campus-wide conversation on this topic? Consider Hosting a Two Day Summit instead!